Agile Software Development

In an Agile project the output of each cycle is used to inform the start of the next, this ensures the project evolves organically, functionality developed is repeatedly tested and is always tightly bound to real world requirements

After any complete cycle the software holds the real-world value of the functionality it provides

Management sees working software change in response to their decisions by playing an essential role in both the review and scoping stages of each cycle. Investment is constantly and quickly realised into working software

Agile Emphasises

Individuals and interactions

over processes and tools

Working software

over comprehensive documentation

Customer collaboration

over contract negotiation

Responding to change

over following a plan

Rather than traditional software development where you might spend several months or years on a project without showing it to the users - Agile is about moving fast, releasing often, and reacting to the real needs of your users

Constant Consultancy

Our method of consultancy maximises ROI

We approach consultancy with a flexible, collaborative methodology so we can adapt tactics and strategies as they are conceived rather than wasting both your money and time producing lengthy presentations that can easily result in a quagmire of banality.

Frequent updates and interactions with clients ensure that our results are precisely tailored to your needs and you get real, actionable advice in plain English from day one and not only at the end of the process.